Aphelion, 30X40 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Aphelion, 30X40 in. Acrylic on Canvas



Diving into the center of this embodied now, the luminous unknown seeps through forgotten cells, revealing new realms of feeling...

Emerging from the deep, in this dawning of Aphelion, luminous worlds are born and revealed...as the Self explores new frontiers of its experience, seeing with true sight, the Beauty that it is.

Life is bathed in water drops of infinite possibility, caressing delicate strands of DNA...evolving.

The very fabric of our celestial bodies, held and nurtured in epic inner landscapes, through and through, with an intimacy that reaches into the most elusive particles, closer than breathing. Any feelings of separation suddenly evaporate in the luminous presence of the source of primal light within....everywhere. The fundamental liquid nature pours through the warping, undulating space of authentic being.

Then, the body remembers that state of love, not yet imagined...yet it is here, living as all, as you...and as the shock of this human existence dissipates, the clarity will be seen and felt in Her eyes, for She is simply looking from within you.

This painting was born from the theme: Divine Feminine. The woman portrayed in the painting is a Being who lives on a different planet, in a different dimension. I could feel her communicating with me while I was in the painting process. The planet at her forehead is a depiction of her home planet. The reason it is at her forehead is to show that the world we experience is a projection of our mind and is completely individual to each person.

The formation of light at her throat is a symbolic expression of her unwavering alignment with who she is, her authentic truth and power, which acts as a reflection and invoking of that same level of vibration within us where there are absolutely no doubts about the power and the love that we are and what we can create with that power and love. 

The orb of light at her heart center is a dynamic womb space from which she creates her life. She is emerging from nebula formations, which are made of the material that has enabled all of our lives. The liquid comets of light symbolize a cascading into self and penetrating into the depths of Being. 

The 12 strands of DNA are what is coming from her neck area with drops of crystalline water slowly dripping down them. 

The reason why the pupils of her eyes are so contracted is because when she sees you, all she sees is the radiance that you emanate and her eyes must adjust to the immense amount of light that is coming into them.

Essentially, she is here in this painting, to reflect the radiant Beauty that you are. 


Original Painting

Size & Medium: 30x40 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. 

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