Inception   12x12 in.  Acrylic on  Canvas.

                               Inception  12x12 in.  Acrylic on  Canvas.

Below is a video of Mykal speaking about Inception.


Inception depicts and expresses the midline life force of our beings and human forms. This presence of light is our power and divine intelligence, holding us in love and calling us to expand and deepen into our relationship with Self. This painting represents the living awareness of our consciousness, that constant presence that is untouched by all that we experience, and which invites us to re-unite with it in every moment, coming home to our true beings and embodying even more of Who We Really Are. This light is infused into each cell of our bodies and communicates through our nervous system and sensations about our true nature, always guiding us in perfection. 


Size & Medium: 12x12 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. 

Price: $800. Includes shipping for U.S. residents.

Beautiful, contemporary style framing is also available at an additional cost.

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