Orbital Resonance,  24x30,  Acrylic on Canvas


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The average price that similar paintings have sold for is $2000.


This painting was begun live at a fundraising event for my friend Xavier, to raise money for stem cell treatments, so that he might be able to regain the ability to walk again and have full use of his legs, from injuries that he incurred from a car accident several years ago.

40% of the sale price of the painting will go to him and his medical costs.

Orbital Resonance explores relationship and the mysterious magnetics of connection between any two things. The painting depicts a binary star system in the center, where the two stars orbit around one another. It also shows a planet in the foreground with its orbiting moon, together orbiting and connecting with the central stars. I am deeply intrigued by my relationships and the energy that draws myself and another person, animal or thing to have an interaction and energetically communicate with each other. Just like in the painting where the celestial objects are all having a relationship with each other in a magnificent dance, we have a relationship with everything in our reality, whether we are conscious of it or not. All the simultaneous happenings of connection invoke a sense of power and awe when I place my awareness on them.

This painting took me approximately 2 months to create and like with all of my paintings, the subtle and skilled refinements of form and luminosity invoke a feeling of joy within me that is beyond description.

Size: 24x30 in.     Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


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