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In this experience, Mykal will lead you in a journey of opening to and exploring the light of your creative heart. Whether you’ve never painted before or you are an experienced painter, you will be guided in exploring and getting in touch with what is currently wanting to be expressed through your creativity and your life. This is for you if you feel a desire to dive deep within and allow your essence to move and communicate through you in ways that are expansive, joyous and healing. It’s about the feeling and vibration that is wanting to come through! It’s about flow, truth and meeting yourself in new, powerful ways.

Mykal will be guiding you from his 40+ years of experience in listening to the creative voice within and authentically and accurately expressing it through his art. The session takes place in the comfort of your own home and all painting supplies will be provided. It will be deep and playful, unfolding what is present and alive within you, in order to create the painting. It’s all based on your intention and the energy that is coming through, in the moment. The session will include painting concepts and technique. It will be freeing and clarifying, from a compassionate, uplifting space.

There is a 90-MINUTE SESSION and a 4-HOUR SESSION available.
Both sessions include:

• A guided meditation to energetically align with your
inner being and call forth your intention for the experience.

• A breath and movement segment to open the body and
energy channels to prepare for the painting session.

• A painting session where you will create a painting on canvas
that is an expression of your intention and the uniqueness of
your creative soul. It will include art technique instruction,
to assist in expressing your heart’s vision.

• The experience will conclude with a time for sharing about
your experience and discussing ways of moving forward
in your exploration.


• Increased clarity

• Connect to your heart and your inner guidance

• Release stagnant energy, negative emotions and stress

• Dissolve creative blocks and experience your Flow State

• Open to the more of who you are


90-Minute Session: $250

4-Hour Session: $800

For questions and to book your Radiance Session, send a message using the form below or to mykal@mykalaubry.com. 

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