Aphelion, 30X40 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Aphelion, 30X40 in. Acrylic on Canvas



Threshold explores themes and experiences of emergence and transformation from one state of being to another, in our human experience and our physical universe.

Crossing the Threshold of each moment into a new space...trans-forming. All time, space, circumstances, energies...all of This, emanating from the central Source within you. Cells, thoughts, vibrations and elements, coalesced and magnetized as the Body temple of your Heart....breathing its existence, breathing You....the celestial dust of this one Life. As you step into this new breadth, know that you are held in the deep, nurturing vastness that has permeated each wave and particle within, here, now. You are always free to begin again and emerge anew.


Original Painting

Size & Medium: 30x40 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. 

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